Friday, August 8, 2014

Why. Just...why.

I'm moving back to France soon. This time, I will be a language assistant in a high school. Exciting! I'm sure you all remember my riveting au pair blog, Les Nouilles à Paris, from the last stint in Frogland. (It was gooood.) (Go reread that ish.) And when I return, I certainly anticipate a.) a modicum of crippling loneliness, and b.) plenty of free time. Which means...NEW BLOG. And this time there's a focus, instead of just rambly ramblings! It's cheese.


If you know me at all, you know that I love cheese. The people at the Kroger cheese counter know me; the people at Curds and Whey in Columbus offered me a job. But I just want to eat it. All.

The main purpose of l'Hommage à Fromage ("homage to cheese," for you French-challenged) is to document all the delicious cheese and cheese products I consume while abroad. I plan to photograph, name, and describe every delectable morsel of heaven. And along the way, you will probably hear about ma vie française! I do like to talk about myself.

So check back here periodically and see what kind of shenanigans I get myself into. Will I ever find that soft, spoonable cheese from Croatia/Corsica/wherever again? Will I go broke from buying a 50 euro truffle-infused brie? Can a woman live on cheese alone?

It's gonna be riveting.

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